I would be pleased about a message!

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“And why?” you might ask yourself?

For a nice conversation, of course, that doesn’t have to be just about programming. Not even about business! I like to write a lot. We can exchange ideas and learn new things about the world, get to know new perspectives, broaden horizons.

However, I am of course also happy if you should have business interest.

No contact form.. Why?

  1. Because I try to protect your data! (Sure, you can basically decide about it yourself, but not everyone has enough knowledge…)
  2. I refuse to give your data to other companies (see No-Cookie Banner)
  3. I think that there are enough QuickLinks in the footer, with the help of which you can contact me.
  4. spammers, without captcha, unfortunately abuse this contact form…. To the sorrow of all.