ChatGPT, AI / KI und mehr

ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence for the Software Developers

How do the following things sound to you:

  • Using ChatGPT to automatically estimate and create User Stories or even entire customer inquiries?
  • Using Segment Anything to detect errors in production or, for example, recognize pests?
  • Using Elevenlabs to automatically create spoken explanations for the product in dozens of languages?
  • Using Stable Diffusion to derive marketing materials?
  • Creating automatic, lip-synced video content for explanations with Heygen?

All of this is now possible within a short period of time (no, not weeks, but days!). Unfortunately, what is missing is the knowledge to apply it, i.e., the understanding and the first steps with these technologies.

I help your developers to use these tools in everyday life and increase productivity with them.

Why am I the right person to teach ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence?

  • I wrote the first neural network almost a decade ago – with Octave (certificate and more available).
  • I have been following the developments in the industry through relevant forums since the same time.
  • Multiple projects that actively use ChatGPT and other technologies (IntelliJ Idea Plugin, AI-Tattoos, …) and earn money for me.
  • Since day 1, a Copilot and ChatGPT user – and thus multiplied my output.
  • Since day 1, a Stable Diffusion user.
  • Spring Trainer at mimacom.
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2022 Hobby: AI-Tattoos

Type a few words and get tattoo suggestions. Real one-of-a-kind tattoos, created with the help of artificial intelligence. For more information about the technology – click here please.


For apple


For Android

playstore logo

Hund Tattoo innerhalb der AI-Tattoos App
Earth Rage Quit für Android Logo

My Hobby Game Project ERQ

You control a rocket. The goal is to reach a certain height per level. There are platforms that have a jumping effect, but also enemies or coins, for example. If enough coins are collected, the rocket can be modified, for example by buying a bigger tank. There are also boss fights. In general, many game mechanics were tested here, for example, physics, a radar, animations and much more. Programming the game fulfilled its learning purpose and was created during my training.

Earth Rage Quit

An Android exclusive

Earth Rage Quit


Buzzword Bingo – My Skillset

  • Java, Spring Boot, Project Reactor

  • REST

  • Maven, Gradle

  • CI/CD mit Jenkins,  Bamboo, Azure DevOps


  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)

  • Behavior Driven Development (Cucumber, Gherkin)

  • Testing (Unit-, Regression-, Smoke, E2E, CIT, UAT)

  • Cloud native: Azure & Container

  • Kubernetes (OpenShift)

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning

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Kopf von Aristoteles

a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

– Shakespeare

Freude an der Arbeit läßt das Werk trefflich geraten

– Aristoteles

Die Freundschaft gehört zum Notwendigsten in unserem Leben. In Armut und im Unglück sind Freunde die einzige Zuflucht. Doch die Freundschaft ist nicht nur notwendig, sondern auch schön!

– Aristoteles


Holotropic Breathing as an app

short breathing exercise for more brain power

No ads or payment - full potential

OpenAI GPT assisted l10n / i18n

as a plugin for android Studio

Plugin for Android Studio

ETL ohne Giganten wie Informatica

event-driven, cloud-native, near real-time App

Ein Kundenprojekt

Machine Learning Operations for vSphere

Kubeflow - within vSphere

Kubeflow is a powerful conglomerate of software optimized for the cloud. It enables the company to use its own resources for the latest machine learning projects using industry standardized processes & software.

Store & print measurement data in forms

Eliminate customer problems & provide multi-year operational support for the application

Local, smaller companies do not miss out either. For Czihal Gummi & Kunststoff, the necessary, legally compliant measurement protocols are no longer a challenge – even with the constantly changing standards.

Author for Heise Magazine

Describe Kubeflow in more detail

As developers, we should also give back. We benefit a lot from open source, but rarely give back.
I try to do my part:

Earth Rage Quit

Ein Androidexclusive

Earth Rage Quit

Sentiment Analysis

Von Social Media profitieren

Sentiment Analysis

HoloLens AR

Combined with machine learning

HoloLens AR


Android & proper fluid intake




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